Support is included in paid version of the chat

Quick tips how to integrate your video chat into your website:

If you have lost your data, just login into your panel admin and you can retrieve these data from there

To integrate it into your existing website, you just have to copy/paste the script you received when you registered the chat

script looks like:

<script src='></script>

where id is your id script and uniqueKey is a token.
Notice that you can also integrate a direct link to you chat:

How to change the dimension of the chat ?

chat uses iframe to be embedded into your site. The idea is so to included that iframe into your existing element (div) and it will take 100% of that element.

ex: I want the chat to be 640px width and 480px height: just create a div of 640px x 480px and embed the script inside !

<div style="width:640px;height:480px"><script src='></script></div>

Question: I have my website ready and I manage my users by myself. How to integrate it with my existing database ?

This is possible with HTML5 chat!

Question: How to encrypt data when using html5-chat ?

You can encrypt user data using the library. Read the whole tutorial on how to encrypt data

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